WH: András Schiff Explores Beethoven Piano Sonatas


András Schiff Explores the Beethoven Piano Sonatas

András Schiff last performed the complete Beethoven piano sonatas at Wigmore Hall from 2004–6 to overwhelming critical acclaim, with the Guardian’s editor Alan Rusbridger describing one particular performance as ‘a riveting mixture of erudition, analysis, passion, wit and memory’.

On the day before each of the eight recitals in the series, the world-renowned pianist, pedagogue and lecturer gave a lecture-recital in which he explored the works to be performed. Deeply engaging and insightful, these thought-provoking lecture-recitals, recorded live at the Hall, are now available below to hear as eight lecture-recitals.

You can listen to the lecture-recitals online or to save the file so you can listen on an mp3 player: right-click the podcast link, select ‘Save Link As…’ and save it to your computer.

For the lectures, see András Schiff Explores the Beethoven Piano Sonatas, Wigmore Hall, 2006-06.

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