Trucost helps its clients understand the true cost of business, in order to use resources more efficiently across operations, supply chains and investment portfolios. 

“Key to our approach is that we not only quantify environmental impacts, but we also put a price on them, helping clients understand environmental risk in business terms…

“Over the last 10 years, Trucost has researched, standardised and validated the world’s most comprehensive data on corporate environmental impacts, including carbon, water, waste and pollutants.”

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Trucost offers services to a range of sectors including:

  • Companies
    • “Environmental issues and cost saving opportunities are making it important for companies to manage their environmental impacts, but collecting, standardising and validating data across multiple operating sites and suppliers can be a significant challenge.”
  • Financial Institutions
    • “Environmental issues will create ‘winners and losers’ across the investment universe, but the lack of complete or comparable reporting makes it difficult to identify how the financial performance of companies will be affected. “
  • Government
    • “There is increasing pressure on Government organisations to demonstrate best practice in managing environmental impacts, but collecting and standardising data across multiple operating sites, regions and suppliers can be a significant challenge.”
  • Non-Governmental Organisations (NGOs)
    • “NGOs are in a unique position to educate and encourage organisations and investors towards greater environmental efficiency due to their substantial influence. Over the years, Trucost has partnered with NGOs and lobbyists around the world to promote sustainable agendas through bespoke analytical reports, seminars and workshops.”
  • Universities
    • “Leading higher education institutions are becoming highly engaged in the assessment of environmental impacts throughout many aspects of their activities. Trucost has provided unique products and services to colleges and universities, who are being increasingly scrutinised, partnering with them through setting best practice on managing their environmental impacts, and contributing a powerful and unique dataset to support innovative research in this rapidly growing field.”