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About Us? This is really about you…

Why are you here? What are you looking for? Information on the impacts of globalisation? Where technology meets the natural environment? How banking really works? What about advertising and mainstream media? Or Indigenous rightsracism and police? Or how about population, peak oilfood and housing?

This is a website that aims to provoke your thoughts not only about these important issues, but many other pertinent topics relevant to modern society, industrial civilisation and globalised dominant culture.

There’s already a lot of information on the Internet, so our goal is to cut through the noise and garbage, to present valuable information in a clear way, so it’s accessible, useful and easily digested. This still may not be an easy undertaking though, and we can understand that — especially considering the complexity and interconnectedness of the topics, as well as the crossing over of sources; but also for the fact that the information here can be incomplete, sometimes contradictory or even controversial. But this is the point. It’s all part of what we’re trying to do: provoke critical thinking, questioning… and doing.

We’ve fundamentally built this resource to inform and inspire action — and no, we’re not talking about clicking the stupid ‘Like’ button on Facebook, signing online petitions or letter writing — we mean informing and inspiring real-world action; taking this information away from the computer to rejuvenate the strong networks with the people around you in the real world, to discuss, plan, act. This is not a symbolic action or clicktivism website, nor is it a simple collection of popular content, like the other websites available. It’s a resource that aims to inform, inspire and provoke action; to generate a multitude of responses and reactions. This is just some of what is needed to break paradigms, subservience, acquiescence, and to cultivate inspiration to continue work on the plethora of puzzles and problems addressed in the information published here.

Some puzzles are big, some are small, but everywhere you look, there’s good work to be done.


Thought Maybe is a 100% independent, autonomous and self-hosted, self-funded, and self-directed operation that exists to inspire action on a whole bunch of different topics surrounding modern society, industrial civilisation, globalised dominant culture.

Here’s the break-down:

Self-hosted: We don’t use or support corporate “communication networks” such as YouTube, Facebook, Google, etc. We run our own servers and maintain an independent software platform for publishing (insofar as it’s possible to do on the Internet of corporate-controlled gateways or ISPs). This site runs entirely on Open Source Software and embraces the notion of Creative Commons.

Self-funded: We don’t run advertising on our site. This is not a project to make money with. Our costs are entirely covered by funds put up by site administrators, editors and sometimes by generous user donations. We don’t receive any outside funds, nor do we receive or accept money from corporate or government entities (ha, imagine that!).

Self-directed, independent, autonomous: We have no affiliations and are not part of any organisation/group, which means no vested interest, which means we can publish what is needed without interference, censorship or vetoing. We don’t work with any commercial organisations, religious groups, political parties, etc — we’re entirely independent and self-determined in order to remain credible, effective and honest about what we set out to achieve.

See Thought Maybe, About.

(Emphasis added)