THNK: Creative Leadership

THNK – The Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership

About THNK: A School with a Mission

Of course the world is changing. That’s what it’s done since time began. Evolution is natural. Sometimes it happens slowly. And sometimes it rocks the world like a fiery volcano, suddenly transforming entire landscapes.

Our world has reached that point now. Social inequality, our love/hate relationship with technology, dwindling resources, climate change, the collapse of financial institutions…

Organizations of all types, shapes and sizes are struggling with this new reality. Some are so involved in daily operations – and keeping their heads above water – they are blind to the future. Others recognize the challenges around them, but lack vision.

THNK, the Amsterdam School of Creative Leadership, is on a mission: to develop the next generation of creative leaders that will have a significant societal impact in our world. THNK provides an 18-month, part-time, post-graduate program for a carefully selected group of international top talent.

THNK’s creative leadership program starts with several intensive weeks spent on campus in Amsterdam (during the first 6 months) and a major individual challenge completed on the job. The program offers a unique blend of four central elements in the program, Forum, Challenges, Quest and Accelerator. Find more about these elements on the program page.

About Amsterdam: Creativity, Tolerance, Diversity, Collaboration and Trade

Although our focus is international, THNK is firmly rooted in Amsterdam. We’ve made the Westergasfabriek our home. This 19th-century former gas factory has been transformed into one of the city’s most exciting cultural centers, with old industrial buildings now housing trendsetting cafes, cinema, festivals and other events. Not to mention the surrounding city parks – with everything from hidden waterways to bike paths reaching from the countryside to the heart of Amsterdam.

Thanks to its highly diverse culture – with more than 175 nationalities – and an inventive and tolerant mentality, Amsterdam has grown into an important international hub for creative thought and industry. The city’s unique DNA of creativity, tolerance, diversity, collaboration and trade is reflected in THNK’s highly pragmatic and open culture.

Reshaping Our World:

It’s not surprising that such diverse influences have brought forth such creativity. Three of our local scientists have been awarded Nobel prizes. Fashion designers Viktor & Rolf have wowed the world. Droog designer Marcel Wanders has changed the way we look at interior design. Architects such as Ben van Berkel are reshaping our skylines.

Amsterdam’s unique DNA of creativity, tolerance, diversity, collaboration and trade will be reflected in THNK’s highly pragmatic and open culture. Reaching beyond its borders, Amsterdam serves as a major gateway into continental Europe. With two major seaports within a 50-kilometer radius, strong international railroad connections and Amsterdam Airport Schiphol closeby, you’re always close to anywhere in Europe and the world.

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THNK is a Creative Leadership Program you join because you want to create a positive impact on society, your organization and yourself.

All THNK participants have one thing in common: they are already inspirational leaders in their own right, with open minds and a lot of real-world experience. Beyond this, each member of our handpicked community is as different from the other as can be. The THNK experience centers on the bringing together of diverse and unique perspectives, as our participants learn as much from each other as they do from our staff and guest experts.

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