The Oslo Center


The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights:

The Oslo Center for Peace and Human Rights was established as an independent foundation 9th January 2006, and currently has a permanent staff of eight employees. Since the start, the Oslo Center’s work has been related to three main areas: human rights, democracy and inter-religious and intercultural dialogue. Over the next three years, the center aims at strengthening its efforts to promote responsible leadership, in order prevent conflicts and strengthen democratic practice in fragile democracies.

The Oslo Center works through contact and dialogue with policy makers, organizations and key actors in Norway and internationally.

See The Oslo Center, History.

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The ambition of the Oslo Center is to be an independent, highly professional and politically relevant centre that provides advice, exerts influence and creates meeting places for conflict prevention, dialogue and strengthening of responsible leadership. In this strategy, we formulate an overarching goal and describe the competence areas and approach of the Oslo Center, and what is unique about it. The strategy covers a three-year period (2010-2012) but should be seen as a first, formative sequence in a longer-term commitment and will be followed by a five-year strategy after a review of the current strategy period in 2013.

Oslo Center Projects

See The Oslo Center, Strategy.

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