GA: Risk Management

The Risk Management Programme is an integral part of The Geneva Association’s dialogue with economic and academic actors in order to emphasise the role of insurance in a modern service economy.

  • “The focus of the Risk Management Programme is to: 
    • provide a platform between the insurance community, the engineering and academic communities and policymakers to discuss issues on balancing risks and opportunities; 
    • be a facilitator for the Chief Risk Officers (CROs) of The Geneva Association, and CROs in general; 
    • foster the use of the tools of risk assessment and risk management in new fields of application, such as policy making; 
    • promote the concept of the insurability of risks as the ‘natural’ borderline between State legislation and the market economy; 
    • identify new opportunities for insurers in the emerging sustainability concept in order to enlarge the field of insurable and insured risks; 
    • research and illustrate the new risks in the emerging service economy, based on an extended performance responsibility of economic actors.”
  • “The main tools to achieve these objectives are: 
    • the Risk Management Newsletter, published biannually; 
    • the M.O.R.E. Seminars, open to an expert public — the papers of the seminars are published in the Working Paper series “Etudes et Dossiers”; 
    • the ART of CROs meetings (Annual Round Table of Chief Risk Officers), open to CROs of The Geneva Association’s members; 
    • the Annual CRO Assemblies open to CROs from all insurance companies and related sectors, by invitation.”

See The Geneva Association, Risk Management.