GA: Health and Aging

“The Health and Aging research programme of The Geneva Association seeks to bring together analyses, studies, and research linked to issues in health provision and the role of insurance, with an emphasis on the changing demographic structure whereby the population over 60 largely exceeds that of other groups. The key is to test new and promising ideas, linking them to related works and initiatives in the health sector and trying to find solutions for the future financing of health care.”

  • The following issues are of particular interest:
    • the impact of an ageing population on health insurance systems;
    • the effect of technology on health insurance; the development of health care systems and the capitalisation issue;
    • the interaction of public and private systems in health provision; the performance of health systems;
    • the health issues for an ageing population in the workplace;
    • the factors influencing health status; the factors responsible for the increase in health spending;
    • and the factors that contain the increase in health cost.

See The Geneva Association, Health and Aging.