Environmental and Social Responsibility

Patagonia wants to be in business for a good long time, and a healthy planet is necessary for a healthy business. We want to act responsibly, live within our means and leave behind not only a habitable planet, but an Earth whose beauty and biodiversity is protected for those who come after us.

Becoming a Responsible Company
We can’t pose Patagonia as the model of a responsible company.  We don’t do everything a responsible company can do. Here, we tell you how we came to realize our environmental and social responsibilities, and then began to act on them.

Responsibility in the Supply Chain
Here’s what we’re doing to make sure Patagonia products are produced under safe, fair, legal and humane working conditions throughout the supply chain – and some background on how we got to where we are today.

Common Threads Partnership
Our Common Threads program has grown. Now more than just a recycling program, it’s our next step in reducing consumption, getting the most life out of existing gear, and sharing what we discover in the process.

The Footprint Chronicles: Our Supply Chain
Check out our newly revamped Footprint Chronicles®. Its goal is to use transparency about our supply chain to help reduce the adverse social and environmental impacts of our products.

Environmental Grants and Support
We give 1% of our sales to support environmental organizations around the world, funding at the grassroots level in countries and communities where we have people on the ground.

Our Common Waters
The planet Earth faces a freshwater crisis. By the year 2025, human demand for water will account for 70percent of all available freshwater.  To learn more about the threats and our two-year campaign, click here.

Patagonia Environmental Initiatives 2012
Read about our environmental efforts over the past year, including a list of all Patagonia grant recipients.

We work hard to source materials and use processes that are less harmful to the Earth without compromising quality. We currently use e-fibers – environmentally-conscious fibers – in a number of our products.

We think that business can inspire solutions to the environmental crisis, and that we owe those that work in the textile industry fair labor practices and safe working conditions.

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