Partnership for Change

Our Vision:

That all sectors of society understand the urgency of our planet’s most pressing challenges and proactively use their position and skills to act in collaboration towards a more equal, stable, and sustainable future.

Our Mission:

PfC acts as an arena and driver for social change. By bringing together some of today’s most inspiring social innovators we put society’s most pressing issues on the agenda, develop an understanding for their urgency and create momentum for action.

PfC also assists development and operation of innovative projects in Burma/Myanmar related to youth empowerment, women empowerment and environmental sustainability.

Pathways to the Future:

Every year, Partnership for Change draws attention to key challenges that the business community, together with the other sectors of society, must tackle if our society is to improve. When choosing which issues to focus our work on, we use the Vision 2050 report, developed by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development.

Vision 2050 is a roadmap of benchmark targets that must be reached in order that 9 billion people can live well and within the limits of the planet by 2050. At Partnership for Change, we raise awareness of topics discussed in the report and we trigger action within the specific themes that the roadmap identifies. We encourage all businesses and entrepreneurs to embrace Vision 2050, and contribute to meeting the urgent need for social change.

PfC’s Social Innovation Fund:

Guided by our three pillars: youth empowerment, women empowerment and environmental sustainability, PfC’s Social Innovation Fund drives innovating solutions in Burma/Myanmar. By assisting local entrepreneurs PfC facilitates a more stable, equal and sustainable development in Burma/Myanmar.

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