OECD: Regulatory Reform


“The [OECD] Economics Department has compiled an International Regulation Database, with a set of quantitative indicators of regulation to measure cross-country differences in product market regulations in recent years.

“The database is used in reviews of regulatory reform and in-depth analyses of the effects of regulation on economic performance in Member countries at the industry and economy-wide levels. This work has been published in OECD Economic Studies and in several OECD Economics Department Working Papers.

“Other work includes the analysis of the interactions between regulatory policies and institutions in the product and labour markets and how these cross-market interactions affect outcomes in the two markets.”

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OECD’s research on Regulatory Reform issues can be found here.  In addition to Economic Issues, topics include: Regulatory Policy, Regulation and Industry Sectors, Reducing Regulatory Restrictions on Competition, Trade Facilitation, Public Sector Innovation and e-Governement, and Corporate Affairs.