OECD: Finance

“Financial markets play a key role in economic growth and stability.  The OECD covers financial issues related to banking, securities and institutional investors (insurance companies, pension funds, and investment companies).

“It also exercises surveillance over developments, reform measures and changes in structural and regulatory conditions in financial markets and institutions.  It promotes liberalisation in financial services and the development of international financial best practices.  The OECD also helps foster the integration of other countries into the global financial systems.

“The Committee on Financial Markets is the main OECD body which deals with issues in financial markets, i.e. banking, securities, derivatives, and other financial services (except insurance).”

See OECD, Financial Market Trends and Policies, About.

OECD’s research on Finance issues can be found here.  Topics include: Financial Market Trends, Monetary and Financial Issues, Financial Statistics, Financial Education, Insurance, Private Pensions, and Public Debt Management.