OECD: Environment

The OECD’s research related to the environment covers topics such as Biodiversity, Water, Natural Resource Management, Climate Change, Consumption, Innovation, and Sustainable Development.

  • Regarding Biodiversity, Water and Natural Resource Management:
    • “Biodiversity is fundamental to sustaining life. To promote biodiversity conservation and sustainable use, OECD works on ecosystem services valuation, and creation of economic incentives and markets.  Better water management is needed to meet human needs, sustain economic activities and achieve environmental goals. OECD works on the institutional & policy responses to the water challenge.  OECD fosters policies to ensure the sustainable use of natural resources such as agricultural land and fisheries.”
    • See OECD, Biodiversity, Water and Natural Resource Management.
  • Regarding Climate Change:
    • “The impact of climate change on our environment, our economies and our security is one of the defining issues of our era. The OECD is at the forefront of climate change analysis, promoting environmentally and economically rational policies related to adaptation, mitigation, technology, financing and development.”
    • See OECD, Climate Change.
  • Regarding Consumption, Innovation, and the Environment:
    • “OECD has long been examining policies to reduce the negative environmental impacts of consumption and production. It addresses household consumption, corporate behaviour, technological innovation and public procurement…”
    • See OECD, Consumption, Innovation, and the Environment.
  • Regarding Environment and Sustainable Development:
    • “As part of the OECD’s structural surveillance mandate, work has focussed on both environmental policies, especially evaluating responses to global warming and sustainable development policies. The latter is ongoing and is dealt with in a cross-country and a country-specific mode.”
    • See OECD, Environment and Sustainable Development.

The OECD’s research related to the environment can be found here.