One Earth Future


The One Earth Future Foundation

The One Earth Future (OEF) Foundation is a nonprofit, nongovernmental organization founded in 2007 by a business entrepreneur. We began operations in 2008 with a vision of developing effective, multi-stakeholder systems of governance to achieve a world beyond war – hence our tagline, “Peace Through Governance.”

OEF Model of Operations

As an operating foundation, OEF uses a ‘Think and Do Tank’ model. This means we rely upon our Think Tank components to envision improved governance structures and policy options, analyze and document the performance of existing governance institutions and policies, and provide intellectual support to the field operations of our ‘Do Tank’ side.  The active field projects apply our Think Tank outputs to existing governance failures – particularly those causing threats to peace and security – and the results of these programs in turn inform the direction and methods of our global governance research.

See OEF, About.

OEF Vision

One Earth Future’s vision is a world beyond war, achieved by the development of new and effective systems of cooperation, coordination, and decision making, i.e. “governance”.

We believe that nation states cannot solve global conflicts on their own. We have witnessed this limitation in issues such as maritime piracy, state failure, and outbreaks of mass atrocities. OEF believes that business and civil society have an important role to play in filling governance gaps, in partnership with nation states. When these three sectors partner together, they can achieve effective, equitable solutions to global problems that can prevent war.

See, OEF, Vision.

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