LSE: Grantham Research Institute



“The Grantham Research Institute on Climate Change and the Environment is a research centre at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE).”

“The mission of the Grantham Research Institute … is to be a world-leading centre for policy-relevant research, teaching and training in climate change and the environment.

  • The Institute has three primary objectives: 
    • To produce rigorous, policy-relevant research that contributes to the development of international political responses to, and debates around, climate change and the environment;
    • To promote a high level of awareness of the key issues in climate and environment research and policy among current academic, political and other public leaders through strategic communication, dissemination and training; and
    • To make a substantial contribution to the education of the next generation of climate and environment researchers through a major PhD programme and the eventual development of a Masters degree.”

See The Grantham Institute, About.


  • The Institute has five research programmes:
    • Climate Science and Decision-Making
      • “The aim of this research programme is to improve our understanding of the uncertainties in climate science and to help decision-makers manage these uncertainties.”
    • Mitigation of Climate Change – Carbon Markets and Technology
      • “This research programme looks at the use of market-based approaches to climate change mitigation and the promotion of low-carbon innovation.”
    • Adaptation to Climate Change, and Development
      • “The aim of this research programme is to increase our understanding of the socio-economic impacts of climate change and the economic, policy and decision-making challenges that arise from the need to adapt to a warmer and more volatile climate.”
    • Management of Forests and Ecosystems
      • The aim of this research programme is to understand the economic value of the many goods and services that forests and other natural ecosystems provide us with, and to try to determine effective institutions and systems for their management.
    • Governance of Climate Change
      • “This research programme examines the legal, political economy and social justice aspects of national and international governance regimes for climate change.”