IISS: GeoEconomics Strategy


The International Institute for Strategic Studies

The IISS Geo-economics and Strategy Programme, run from the institute’s Middle East office in Manama, Bahrain, is designed to analyse global economic trends, their impact on the global governance agenda and their meaning for the global distribution of power. Its broad and global scope will allow for a comprehensive examination of the structural economic changes that are shaping today’s international strategic relationships.

The Geo-economics and Strategy Programme will cover issues of global economic relevance and their ramifications for international security and diplomacy. IISS work will examine the dynamic relationships between new centres of growth; shifts in consumption, production and innovation patterns; new forms of capitalism and state management of the economy; problems of debt and financing; scarcity of and competition over resources; diverse responses to economic challenges; and the rise of regionalism as a response to global crises.

The programme will also look at relevant issues of national development in a comparative and global context, including, but not limited to, economic modernisation and diversification, labour laws, the attraction of foreign direct investment, the role of the private sector, civil society and NGOs, and threats to economic prosperity from cybercrime and security.

At the core of IISS work will be an explanation of the impact of these trends on geopolitical relations and an assessment of their role in mitigating or exacerbating the risks of local, regional and global conflict.

Accordingly, senior IISS experts will conduct original research and hold specialist seminars to produce high-quality, policy-relevant analysis. The IISS-Middle East will also hold public lectures on these themes by prominent thought-leaders and government and business personalities in its Bahrain premises.

Seminars and lectures, as well as research conducted from IISS offices in London, Singapore and Washington, will produce high-quality analysis and writing that will be published as Adelphi books, Survival articles and in other formats. These products will be made available to governments, business, the IISS global membership and other key audiences.

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