IISS: Climate and Security


The International Institute for Strategic Studies

Climate Change and Security

The IISS believes climate change could have a serious effect on regional and global stability. Its Climate Change and Security Programme explores how global warming may affect disputes over territory, water and other resources, or could otherwise threaten peace and stability. This research into climate conflict (or ‘climate wars’) also studies the international mechanisms for producing the best solutions for climate security.

Particular areas of focus include the effects of climate change on weak and distressed states, the shifting balance of power in the Arctic, the implications of reduced food and water security, the impact of energy transformation on energy security, and how national and international security organisations should adapt their institutions to best respond to the challenges of global warming.

Through a series of dialogues, workshops, briefings, discussion meetings and publications, the IISS seeks to further international understanding of the security threats posed by climate change and to inform development of policies to alleviate those threats.

See, IISS, Climate Change and Security.

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