FLOW is an emerging movement dedicated to liberating the entrepreneurial spirit for good™ and focusing it on the goals of sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness for all, in the next 50 years.

FLOW refers to an optimal state of human experience in which individuals are fully engaged in creative endeavors, experiencing fulfillment, happiness, and well-being; and the means by which increases in the free global flow of goods, services, capital, people, and information will accelerate human progress and well-being.

The FLOW Movement combines freedom, voluntary exchange and enterprise from the classical liberal tradition with love, compassion, social and environmental consciousness that is championed in the human potential movement in order to create an inspiring, integrated vision.

FLOW’s expertise and value-added will be focused on providing:

  1. An over-arching context and understanding of how to focus individual initiatives to achieve global goals of sustainable peace, prosperity, and happiness.
  2. A network of and for individuals who want to join others who are focusing their personal initiatives on achieving these positive goals through tangible and practical means.

FLOW was co-founded by innovative educator Michael Strong and John Mackey, co-founder and CEO of Whole Foods. For background on Michael and John, click on the About Us link.

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