David Lyon: Professor


David Lyon is the Principal Investigator of The New Transparency Project and Director of the Surveillance Studies Centre. He is also Queen’s Research Chair in Surveillance Studies and Professor of Sociology and of Law. He held a Killam Research Fellowship 2008-2010 for work on the globalization of ID systems.

His most recent books are:

Liquid Surveillance (with Zygmunt Bauman; Polity 2012), Identifying Citizens: ID Cards as Surveillance (Polity 2009), Playing the Identity Card (co-edited with Colin J. Bennett, Routledge, 2008) and Surveillance Studies: An Overview (Polity 2007).  He is also co-editor of Eyes Everywhere: The Global Growth of Camera Surveillance (with Aaron Doyle and Randy Lippert, 2011) and The International Handbook of Surveillance Studies (with Kirstie Ball and Kevin Haggerty, 2012).

“Lyon has been working on surveillance issues since the 1980s, when he discussed surveillance as one of the key issues of information-based societies in The Information Society: Issues and Illusions (Polity 1988).  Since then he has been involved in many debates over information politics and policy in Canada and around the world as a result of his research and publications including The Electronic Eye (1994), Surveillance Society (2001) and Surveillance after September 11 (Polity 2003).  He is a founding editor of the e-journal Surveillance & Society and has particular research interests in national ID cards, aviation security, surveillance ethics and in promoting the cross-disciplinary and international study of surveillance.  In 2007 he received a Lifetime Achievement Award from the American Sociological Association Information and Communication Technology Section, in 2008 was elected Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and in 2012 he received an Outstanding Contribution Award from the Canadian Sociological Association.”

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