Copenhagen Consensus Center

“The Copenhagen Consensus Center is a think-tank in Denmark that publicizes 
the best ways for governments and philanthropists to spend aid and development money….In particular we focus on the international community’s effort to solve the world’s biggest challenges and on how to do this in the most cost-efficient manner.”

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Climate Change:

“Global warming is real, it is caused by man-made CO2 emissions, and we need to do something about it. But we don’t need action that makes us feel good. We need action that actually does good.”

“[T]he Copenhagen Consensus Center assembled an Expert Panel of five world-class economists to …  deliberate and form conclusions about which solution to climate change is the most promising.”

“On you’ll find the final result from the meeting, the research papers and also personal stories from around the world on real people affected by global warming.”

The Copenhagen Consensus Center‘s research on Climate can be found here.

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