CB – Initiative on Global Markets

Initiative on Global Markets

“The massive global movements of capital, products, and talent in the modern economy have fundamentally changed the nature of business in the 21st century. They have also generated confusion among policymakers and the public.

“[The University of Chicago Booth School of Business] will continue our role as thought leader on how these markets work, their effects, and the way they interact with policies and institutions.

“The Initiative on Global Markets will organize our efforts. It will support original research by Chicago Booth faculty, prepare our students to make good decisions in a rapidly changing business environment, and exchange ideas with policymakers and leading international companies about the biggest issues facing the global economy.”

See, Chicago Booth, Initiatives on Global Markets.

IGM Research:

“The Initiative on Global Markets supports original research on international business, financial markets and public policies. Through our research efforts we seek to enhance the understanding of business and financial market globalization.

“You can view work in progress supported by the Initiative by either research topic or faculty member.

Working papers provide initial findings on research projects funded by the Initiative.”

See, IGM Research.