“Ceres is an advocate for sustainability leadership. Ceres mobilizes a powerful network of investors, companies and public interest groups to accelerate and expand the adoption of sustainable business practices and solutions to build a healthy global economy.”

To advance its mission and vision, Ceres maintains the Ceres Coalition, its Company Network, and its Investor Network.

The Ceres Coalition:

Ceres works with more than 130 member organizations that make up the Ceres Coalition to engage with corporations and help advance our goal of building a sustainable global economy.  These members include environmental and social nonprofit groups such as NRDC, Union of Concerned Scientists and Oxfam, institutional investors such as the California and New York public pension funds, socially responsible investors (SRIs), labor unions and other key stakeholders.  In recent years, Ceres has expanded the coalition’s expertise to include more social issues such as diversity and human rights.”

The Company Network:

[Ceres works] with more than 80 companies across a broad range of sectors committed to engaging with diverse stakeholders, improving their performance on social and environmental issues and disclosing strategies and progress publicly.  One third of our network companies are Fortune 500 firms from the apparel, auto, electric power, financial services, oil & gas, technology and other sectors.”

The Investor Network:

Ceres works with investors worldwide to improve corporate strategies and public policies on climate change and other environmental and social challenges across the global economy. Our investor partners include state treasurers, institutional investors, labor groups and socially responsible investment (SRI) funds. In 2003, Ceres launched the Investor Network on Climate Risk (INCR), a network that now includes 100 leading investors collectively managing more than $10 trillion in assets.”

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