CBO: Labor Force Projections






In coming decades, [an expected] development [in the U.S. economy is] a slower rate of growth of the labor force relative to its average over the past few decades. That slowdown is anticipated to occur primarily because of the aging and retirement of large numbers of baby boomers and because women’s participation in the labor force has leveled off since the late 1990s after having risen substantially for the preceding three decades.”  See, CBO, Labor Force Projections Through 2021, Abstract.

The above quote is from the Abstract to the Congressional Budget Office’s Background Paper, Labor Force Projections Through 2021 (March 2011).

The Report provides information related to:

  • Population Projections including Social Security Administration and Census Bureau Estimates, and Net Immigration
  • Labor Force Projections including the Effects of Demographics, Public Policies, and Business Cycles
  • Comparison with Other Projections