About the Site

The Next Deal Library is an online knowledge resource portal designed to generate a multi-faceted understanding of contemporary socio-economic concerns.  

Each week articles from around the web are posted on The Next Deal. Short summaries of these articles are included in the Digests while the articles themselves are presented with emphasis added to highlight specific points and arguments that we consider to be particularly important.

Our goal is to collect into one place evidence of related veins of critical consideration pertaining to important economic, environmental, political and social issues.


About Us:

Gordon C. Stewart

Owner: Mind, Inc.

In addition to founding The Next Deal, Stewart is Secretary of the Judson Welliver Society of Former White House Speechwriters, Vice Chairman of the International Insurance Society, a Stage Director and Orchestra Conductor, Life Member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and the Publisher of the Philipstown.info online and print newspapers. Formerly, Stewart was Deputy Chief Speechwriter for President Carter, President of the Insurance Information Institute, Executive for Policy and Programs to New York Mayor John Lindsay, Head of Public Affairs for Arthur Levitt at the American Stock Exchange, Member of the Defense Science Board, North American Liaison for The Geneva Association, and Chairman of The Geneva Association’s Communications Council.


William T.J. de la Mare

Owner: Objective Imagination Enterprises, LLC

Founded Objective Imagination Enterprises LLC to address economic, environmental, political, and social issues through services related to considered evolution and enterprise development, and a design division to promote an aspirational aesthetic of art as a vehicle for sustainable societal development.  Also founded De la Mare Law LLC, a legal practice specialising in frameworks for the effective governance of global cross-sectoral risk.  Formerly, De la Mare worked with international law practices and multinational financial company clients in London, New York, and Connecticut.  He is a photographer, ceramist, writer, and trail-runner.  His research focuses on the evolution of civilisation and the effect of that foundation on contemporary economic, environmental, political, and social perspectives.